Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Weight Gain; Here’s How To Drop The Pounds Effortlessly By Boosting Your Vitamin Supplementation –

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Other vitamin D deficiency factors to consider Besides weight gain, vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to many other diseases, some of which can also lead to gaining extra pounds. Low blood levels of vitamin D have been linked to depression, for example, and the fatigue and listlessness of depression can lead to inactivity which can, in turn, contribute to weight gain . Vitamin D deficiencies have also been linked to poor blood-sugar control in the body. This can contribute to both weight gain and the risk of developing diabetes. Serious conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and multiple sclerosis (MS) have also been linked to inadequate levels of vitamin D, and the resulting inactivity can lead to weight gain which can, in turn, exacerbate the symptoms of both of these conditions.

Another study, also published by AJCN (2), showed that the benefits of weight loss — lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar and insulin levels, and lower blood lipid levels — were increased in participants who took calcium and vitamin D during their weight-loss program. Still, another study, reported on at (3), showed that people of Asian Indian decent were much more susceptible to obesity and insulin resistance when they were deficient in vitamin D. The link between vitamin D and weight loss is not clearly understood. Some scientist speculate that special vitamin D receptors on fat cells tell them whether they should be burned as energy or stored as excess body weight . Receptor cells in the brain that control metabolism and hunger levels may need vitamin D to function properly as well. Vitamin D has also been shown to reduce the systemic inflammation that is associated with being overweight.


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